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Facts and Benefits Of Gamification and Employee Engagement


Gamification is the newest trend in employee engagement using the digital environment, helping employees in reaching their objectives. Gamification involves using games as a form of engagement, having a friendly competition, with a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Now more than ever, more and more people are engaged in playing games on their smartphone, tablets, and other devices. Social media apps and other mobile apps are available as a source of enjoyment, so your employees will surely love gamification. Are you looking for a game gamification for your employee engagement? Let us learn about gamification as an effective employee engagement tool.


Gamification aims the management to be engaged with their employees in a more productive and entertaining way. The games available for employee gamification are business-oriented and other people view it as a type of behavior modification with the use of technology. Your employees can learn new skills, new problem-solving skills, and new behaviors with rewarding incentives in return. Many use gamification as a positive feedback for increasing motivation, breaking down complex tasks into simpler tasks, allowing the brain to learn new knowledge and acquire new skills without too much stress. Since the brain functioning is reactivated using a reward system, gamification solutions is effective in employee engagement in terms of collaboration, competition, achievements, and transparency. You may consult an expert designer who is specialized in gamification with the use of data from employee interviews or surveys, making sure to select an area where engagement can address specific needs through a solid plan of action. If there is an app available for gamification, the employees' consent must be sought and you can't force them to play and gain positive results. Remember that making fun things as a strict policy is not good, just allow the natural engagement process to apply. With an employee consent, it explains the rules of the game. People love games so gamification is a great way to entertain and inspire your employees.


Other factors that can improve the success of gamification games include reward value, dedicated management, and clear rules. You may involve a trophy for social engagement. Gamification can be used in different areas of an organization. It aims to motivate team members, improving quality and efficiency. Gamification is a perfect employee engagement tool for businesses with different branches locally or internationally. If you want to know more about gamification and employee engagement, feel free to check our website or homepage now.