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The Significance of Employee Engagement


There is a big amount of research regarding employee engagement but there is also a huge confusion in the business as well as psychological literature regarding what engagement is all about. A lot of consultations have actually produced their own research that would show a link between engagement and also the performance and many of them have their respective models of engagement.


The confusing body of literature as well as the different definitions of employee engagement, the research is quite consistent when it comes to searching for such engaged employees which is a great thing. Here is a selection of those highlights from the research. Those highly engaged workers are more likely to be top performers as compared to their less engaged peers. Also, they miss twenty percent fewer days of work. Around seventy-five percent of them exceed the expectations in their current performance review. Also, they actually tend to be more supportive of the organizational change initiatives as well as resilient in the face of change. View more employee engagement examples here!


You must understand that improving the employee engagement is actually very important since the engaged employees have less absenteeism, lower turnover, higher profitability and more productive. Such term, employee engagement, is actually a new one and such is being described by some as the latest HR fad which is one confusing area due to the lack of clarity in its definition. There is no wonder that those individuals who are supposed to be responsible for the employee engagement would usually struggle to work out what their job is about and those that they are supposed to achieve.


It is very important that workers or employees have such general sense of involvement. Also, there should be a great quality of communication in the daily work of employees. An employee must know how the company is performing and what the future might actually hold. Communication is really key when it comes to making an employee feel like she or he is an important part of the company. When the worker would know that he or she is really worth something in a company, then one would feel more attached and is also more likely to engage. The company must also ask the employees for participation and also ask them to become involved. This method of creating such emotional attachment can improve the employee engagement which is certainly a great thing for your company. Know more about gamification here!